Cruise Options for the Winter Season

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People who want to try something other than snow-related activities during the winter can always go on a cruise.

Most people from the United States and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere have the tendency to forget that there are some places in the world that maintains a warm weather from October up to March. The fact that there are some parts of the world that stay warm during the winter season or all throughout the year is definitely good news for those who are eager to go on a cruise because they are given a lot of options.

An example of a great cruise is the one that travels down the Nile. It journeys near Luxor, Egypt where the vacationers are allowed to spend six nights to visit everything from the Aswan Dam to the Temple of Luxor.

Vacationers can also try the Oberoi Shehrazad cruise ship that contains a couple of twin-bed cabins for a total of 80 people, a library, a sun deck, and a pool

Another popular destination is the Virgin Islands. Vacationers can explore a dozen islands from Tortola to Jost Van Dyke. The cruise fare may be quite expensive but it is definitely worth every penny because the package already includes scuba diving and snorkeling.

The SV Flying Cloud cruise ship offers superior services for its passengers. Built originally as a spy ship in the 1930s, it now sleeps 66 passengers – 28 of which are crew members. Vacationers will definitely love the fascinating voyage aboard the SV Flying Cloud while sipping on a Bloody Mary.

For vacationers who are interested to embark on a journey towards the orient, they may opt for a 7-night winter cruise to Thailand and Malaysia. They will visit the islands Phi Phi and Ko Khai Nok where they can enjoy diving into the beautiful waters and walking around the exotic islands.

The Star Flyer cruise ship can accommodate up to 170 passengers – 70 of which are crew members. The cruise ship contains a delightful environment that includes several large teak decks and two swimming pools. It also houses an Edwardian-style library that allows its passengers to feel like kings and queens.

Vacationers who are interested to visit the place where Charles Darwin got the inspiration for his theory of evolution may opt for the cruise to Ecuador. The three-week voyage includes a canoing trip to the Amazon to visit the Santa Cruz and the Genovesa islands. The Alta provides an intimate atmosphere for its passengers because it only sleeps 16 vacationers and 8 crew members. Each cabin in the Alta contains a private shower.

For a new snow adventure during the winter, vacationers may also opt for voyages that go around Scandinavia. They will still find a lot of beautiful scenery even if some areas are already blocked by ice. On the way there, vacationers may see a couple of killer whales near Lofoten Islands. They may also travel to a place where it’s only a few hundred miles away from the North Pole.

Vacationers who embark on winter cruise journeys later discovers that the prices are not that high and the ships are not that crowded as compared to other season’s voyages.

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