One-Day Cruises

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There are many people who dream of going on a cruise but find that they do not have the luxury of time to do so. Cruises that last for three days or more may take up too much time. Thus, it’s good that there are now one-day cruises that busy people can take advantage of.

You can choose any day, although weekends are always bound to be busy. In the past, one-day cruises meant that boarding will be done at Long Beach and the ship would sail to Catalina Island. There are also cruises from New York going to Martha’s Vineyard. Nowadays, though, there are already several cruise lines that offer day cruises in various places.

More Choices, More Fun

Carnival Cruise Lines, for one, offers cruise-goers with several options for sailing along the United States west coast and Mexico. The east coast also has cruises that run from New England to Florida.

Those who are fortunate enough to live in Hawaii can take a cruise around the islands. Those who are in Australia, on the other hand, can tour the Sydney Harbor. In China one-day cruises can be taken around some of China’s major waterways. From the south of France starts Mediterranean cruises, and there are also some short cruises touring the Greek Isles.

Stay Longer Over The Holidays

Majority of cruise lines offer not just weekend day or one day voyages, but also special packages for every holiday of the year. In the United States, cruises during the fourth of July are very popular.

Despite the fact that these cruises are termed as one-day cruises, there are some that last longer. You may have the chance to sail for one day, stay overnight in a different place, and then return the next day. There are also land excursions that come with the package.

Explore More Places

Those who would like to visit Alaska will be glad to know that there are one-day cruises to Prince William Sound. Just take a train from Anchorage to Valdez, then hop aboard to see the otters and whales. The formation of glaciers is also a must-see.

Seward is another port that is popular because large cruise vessels cross paths there regularly. This port is accessible by tour bus or train from Anchorage. Animal lovers will be glad to get the chance to see puffins, sea otters, humpback whales, and sea lions while they’re on a cruise.

There are also many small cruise vessels at Monterey, California. On these cruises too there are great opportunities to see sea life. In fact, during some times of the year, you might even see a whale spouting.

For one-day cruises, San Diego is also a good choice. Even though sea creatures aren’t as many as those in other areas, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery and pleasant winds.

With all these choices, short cruises can be just as magical as long cruises are.

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