Four Day Cruise Vacations

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Sailing to a spectacular place will definitely take more than just a day.  Unpacking and familiarizing with the ship will already take up so much time that there might not be enough left to do much else. Thus, four-day cruises were created.

Just recently, Carnival Cruise Lines made announcements that they are expanding their offerings by adding four and five-day cruise options to their San Diego to Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas cruises. This offering is a great option for those who would like to experience going on a cruise but do not have the luxury of time to do so.

Just as the number of voyages increase, so do the options. Demand for cruises is already heavy and it’s nice that people are being given the chance to sail for four or five days to amazing places.

Even if cruise-goers don’t reside in California, they can still get on an early flight and be aboard for an excellent trip. Luckily, San Diego’s international airport is not a long way from the dock.

Going on a cruise from Thursday to Monday is a good idea. This means that there’s much time to see the ship, take part in a number of on board activities, as well as spend some time on shore. There’s also a lot of time to relax as well as go sightseeing, shopping or lounging around the beach.

Due to the weather, cruises operate during the whole year. This provides several benefits. Cruises can then accommodate travelers who need respite from harsh weather. Aside from that, cruises are great for people who just need a change of scene or those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The fact that cruises happen year-round also means better sailing schedules since they are not tied within specific months.

Carnival’s newest ship, Elation, is 855 feet and is equipped with a wide range of amenities. There’s a large health club as well as 12 lounges and bars. Hence, those who find themselves drinking and eating too much can shed the pounds afterwards by working out. Aside from that, the ship also has an Internet cafe, WiFi facilities, and even a jogging track. Kids are also provided with amenities such as swimming pools and water slides.

Cruise-goers won’t have to worry what to eat, since this ship boasts of three restaurants as well as a 700-seat poolside eatery. There’s also a patisserie and even complimentary room service. With all these nice bonuses, going on a cruise will definitely be a wonderful experience.

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