Cruise Options for the Summer Season

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Summer cruises are still the most popular cruises for most people. Families enjoy summer cruises because they get to enjoy a fine-weathered vacation with their kids. There are over a hundred summer cruise options for vacationers.

A lot of people opt for cruises that either sail from San Diego to Baja Mexico or from Vancouver to Alaska but once they have experienced those short trips, they tend to find themselves wanting for something a little more unusual.

Vacationers may choose from a variety of small ship cruises that travel around the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. They may also opt for a journey to southern France, Venice, Dubrovnik, or the little European islands of Hvar and Cres.

Another summer cruise option is to sail from Helsinki towards the Norwegian Fjords during the time when the far northern latitudes are at their warmest and the ice flows at their lowest. Other interesting places nearby are Iceland and the Shetland Islands.

There is a certain cruise ship that sails on a recently renovated vessel that carries up to 245 passengers. The Finnish crew up of the cruise ship also entertain the passengers by performing local Finnish dances and by serving sumptuous Nordic meals that include smoked salmon and native desserts.

By embarking on a journey to Reykjavik, Iceland or Svalbard, Greenland, cruise passengers will discover the irony about Iceland being green and Greenland being icy. Vacationers are sure to witness the Arctic wildlife that they only in books and documentaries. Animals such as polar bears, caribou, musk oxen, and lemming can all be seen during the two-week voyage.

Vacationers who prefer to visit places that are a bit warmer than Iceland or Greenland may opt for a trip to Mexico. Mexican cruises offer voyages that allow its passengers to come and investigate the ruins left by the Mayans. The voyages to explore the Mayan culture are led by tour guides who look as if they were descendants of the original natives. The highlight of the voyage is a trip to the beautiful beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Another great summer cruise option is a trip down to the south. Vacationers may travel into the genuine rainforests and walk around the small villages of Belize, Peru, or Panama. They may also enjoy the clear seas of the Caribbean by snorkeling in the warm waters to discover over a hundred different types of tropical fish.

One unusual voyage will be an expedition to the Azores. Some summer cruises also visit the mid-Atlantic islands of Sao Miguel and Ponta Delgada. Cruise passengers will also have the chance to see whales and dolphins on the way to their destination. They may also visit some exotic bird sanctuaries.

There are some summer cruises that offer a whole new way of exploring Great Britain: by sea. A lot of people may have visited the beautiful country of the British but only a few have explored it by sea. Britain’s enormous amount of shoreline allows the cruise passengers to visit Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland. Vacationers will also have the chance to get a glimpse of the ancient Celtic and Nordic life by visiting some old monuments in the islands.

People who are considering a summer cruise for their next vacation are advised to plan their activities in advance and book their trips early because the summer cruises that offer the best accommodations and the lowest prices are easily filled-up.

Bon voyage!

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