Long Cruises: Time for Relaxation and Activities

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For those who have the time and means, a long cruise on the open sea is a wonderful way to make friends, relax, and explore new places.

If you don’t have the time for several week adventure, there are also shorter ‘long’ cruises available. Carnival offers five to seven-day cruises that leave from San Diego to Baja Mexico. Some of these cruises are done with Carnival’s new ship, Elation, which has been deemed as a floating city.

Going on a longer cruise will give you lots of time to familiarize yourself with the ship as well as explore new cities. On board there are restaurants, swimming pools, as well as theatrical and musical entertainments that will surely keep people occupied.

Carnival even offers 15-day trips to the Panama Canal. The price rates are outstanding and travelers find that it’s so worth it. There are also some packages offering round-trip air fare from various spots in the United States.

Those who would like to take their time should go on 15-day cruises. This way, there will be much time to get familiar with the surroundings, participate in activities, and relax. One can even just read, sleep, eat, or lounge around and soak up the sun’s rays.

There are also 14-day cruises from Athens. Cruise-goers will have the opportunity to visit various Greek islands such as Naxos, Mykonos, and others. There will be much time to enjoy going to the gym on board the ship, or check out the ancient ruins that these cities have to offer. Those who want to try their hand at gambling can do so aboard the ship, or can choose among the small bars to visit along Greece’s coastline.

Some people are surprised to find that there are even some relatively inexpensive cruises because airfare is not included in the package and the travelers have to shell out money for their food. Nevertheless, these cruises are still comfortable and enjoyable.

Those who would like to experience a cruise for a longer period of time can plan to go on a month-long trip to Europe and back. The trip can also be cut in half by taking the cruise to Europe and then just taking the plane on the way back.

There are some people who think that sailing is boring. Truth is, they’re wrong. There are lots of things to do aboard. Aside from that, cruises give people the chance to explore places that they haven’t been to before. With the variety of cruise packages nowadays, there will surely be one that will fit anybody’s taste.

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