The First Day Aboard the Cruise Ship – Part II

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A cruise ship has been described as both a floating hotel and a floating city. Once the cruisers step aboard a cruise ship, they will be welcomed by a grand maze of walkways, levels, and corridors that lead to different rooms, halls, and cabins.

Some cruisers might be overwhelmed by this but it is recommended to treat the enormous ship as a venue for an adventure. Part of the fun for novice cruisers is to find their way around a new ship. Enjoy discovering the amazing features and facilities of the cruise ship that include the gym, the restaurants, the theater, and the swimming pools.

Cruise passengers who already traveled a long way just to get to the terminal are advised to find their cabin first and get a well-deserved rest before embarking on the adventure. They are also advised to bring a carry-on that contains some clothes and toiletries since their luggages may take a while to be delivered.

Cruisers who are not so good at navigating their way into the ship don’t need to be worried about getting lost. Not knowing where to go will always give them an opportunity to explore a little bit and discover a lot of things. Since most cruise ships are enormous, cruisers need to be more patient about finding their way around it. They may always ask for a map or directions. The very friendly crew of the cruise ship is always ready to help lost cruisers to find their way back to their destinations.

What it comes to cabins, they are often conciedered smaller than expected, since photographs can make them look larger. Surroundngs are small, however, for obvious reason: they have to be fitted on a limited amount of space. Despite the size, most cruise cabins are fully-equipped with all the things that the cruisers might need.

To keep things organized, cruisers are given their respective dining assignments. Dining arrangements are very flexible, so cruisers who do not prefer the given seats or the times can have them changed by asking politely from the staff.

Some cruise ships provide their passengers with their very own credit cards that may be used to make purchases inside the ship. Some credit cards are even designed to double as the cruisers’ cabin key card. Cruisers are advised to take good care of these cards because losing them will be of inconvenience not only to the ship employees but also to themselves.

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