The First Day Aboard the Cruise Ship – Part I

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On the first day of the trip, cruisers will be welcomed by a large crowd of voyagers upon their arrival at the terminal. It is highly recommended for the cruisers to come in a bit earlier than the scheduled time of departure in order to avoid a long queue. Having a lot of extra time not only gives the cruisers more time to get ready but it also provides them with less stress and worries.

The fact that airlines occasionally lose some of their passengers’ luggage is often due to connecting flights. On a cruise it’s different: efficient and experienced porters make sure that bags and suitcases will be loaded onto the ship before it departs. They will also carry the suitcases into their respective cabins as soon as possible. Carrying a lot of bags is a challenging task so cruisers are encouraged to give the porters an equivalent tip that they deserve.

Upon entering the terminal building, cruisers will be requested to join a line. They will walk through the terminal’s security facilities such as the x-ray and the metal detector. These standard procedures are only done to ensure their safety and protection.

For a more hassle-free begining of the trip, cruisers should remember that having liquor drinks in their luggage is not allowed when entering the ship. Any foolish jokes shouldn’t be conducted for the sake of general safety and security. Giving the security staff a reason for actions might lead to serious consequences.

Before boarding the ship, cruisers will be asked to wait in the Embarkation Lounge until they are called to enter the ship. Waiting in the lounge will be a great time for the cruisers to relax and to socialize with their fellow passengers. Cruisers who arrived at the terminal a bit later than the others may skip the Embarkation Lounge and head straight to the ship.

After boarding the ship, the cruisers will now have a chance to walk around to either find their cabins or explore the facilities. First time cruisers who get lost while roaming around the ship don’t need to worry because they can always ask the directions from the friendly crew.

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