Before the Departure

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The first thing to do when planning a cruise is to select a travel date and a destination. The timing of the trip should be kept in mind when choosing the destination. Read travel brochures and compare the different cruise destinations. Also browsing some images and reading through reviews might help in picking out the right destination.

After choosing a specific destination, passport needs to be prepared. Those who still don’t have their own passports should apply for one immediately. Make sure that your passport will not expire during the trip just to avoid any complications like not being able to go on board because the lack of documents.

There are some cruise lines that require their passengers to present their visas or medical certificates, so be sure that you have all the necessary documents with you. Some even require their passengers to get vaccinations in order to immunize themselves from foreign diseases.

Another thing that has to be kept in mind is the budget. Cruises may not be cheap but they sure are worth every penny. Become familiar with the trip expenses and payment terms that come with the cruise to help the budgeting.

Not all countries accept credit cards for the payment of purchases so it is just wise to bring some extra cash to use for spending. Some cruises provide the cruisers with a ship credit card that they may use for making purchases in the shops inside the ship.

A month or two before the date of the departure, the cruise line usually sends some documents. These papers contain information about the reservation, the payment terms, the legal issues, the cabin assignment, and the insurance issues. These documents have to be read thoroughly.

Buying necessary things for the cruise should be done in advance. Although there are shops also inside the ships, the choices can be limited and the prices higher.

Animals are not allowed in cruise ships so have someone to look after your pets at home. Kennel reservations have to be made a few weeks ahead of time so make reservations as early as possible.

And to ensure a worry-free cruise trip, other responsibilities such as plant care, mail pickup, and bills should also be taken care of before hopping aboard.

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