A Review Of Royal Caribbean International

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Having been in business for around 40 years, Royal Caribbean International (RCI) boasts of a wide range of voyages as well as many fine ships that will surely delight its passengers.

This company started in Norway and now has its headquarters in Miami, Florida. RCI has been offering voyages to the Caribbean for a number of decades, and they have found ways of pleasing their guests. The hospitality and sailing experience of Norwegians is now being used in America to offer great vacations to many places around the world.

Twenty years ago, RCI bought a coastal property in Haiti just to give travelers a land stop in that exotic place. They provided a wonderful respite from the sea for those who want to explore another land and see new sights. They also have another stopover in the Bahamas that is just as wonderful as the one in Haiti. Passengers, however, need not worry about reaching land. RCI ships sail smoothly across the sea because of their gas turbine engines that minimize vibrations.

Ten years ago, RCI already had a 130,000-ton ship– which is the size that Carnival is deploying only now. RCI prides itself on offering the best amenities aboard the ships. They even have larger ships scheduled to sail from Finland’s Aker Finnyards docks over the coming years.

The next ships are especially designed to weigh 220,000 tons and hold 6,400 passengers. These ships cost around a billion dollars and would offer passengers the latest in cruising technology. Moreover, even the smaller ships are approximately the size of Cunard’s Queen Mary II.

Ship choices are not just about their size. Passengers will find that there will always be something on board that will interest them– be it Latin music, Vegas-style entertainment, or a fine piano bar. There are even cruises that have parades and street performers aboard as well so passengers won’t get bored.

The cruises RCI offers are not just to the Caribbean. There are also voyages to the Mexican Riviera, Alaska and Europe.  The company is also planning on offering cruises to New Zealand and Australia as well.

Those who would like to experience a family style cruise should definitely check out the shorter, up-to-7-days voyages. There are many other options to choose from so there’s definitely something for everyone. With all these choices plus more ones on the way, there’s no doubt that RCI just keeps getting better.

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