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There was a time when cruises were thought of as luxuries that only the rich can afford. There were people who traveled by ship, but they were transported using ‘steerage’, which is a very uncomfortable accommodation. During the 1950s, cruises became increasingly popular even among those who weren’t wealthy. Nowadays, even those who stick to a modest budget can afford to go on a cruise.

If you would like to go on a cruise but are having doubts because of the price, there are still some things that you can do in order to make your dream come true. The first thing to do is plan carefully so that you will be able to minimize your costs.

Do Not Be Misled By Advertisements

Keep in mind that the price listed in advertisements on the Sunday travel section or on the Internet may not necessarily be the real price that you have to pay. Companies– wanting to entice more customers– will list down the lowest price they have.

However, what you will get for the lowest price may not satisfy your wants. What you want may not be available at the time you respond to the advertisement. Advertisers aren’t fooling people, they just expect people to know that higher-priced offers are there and they want these to be purchased instead of the lower-priced packages.

Take Note Of Additional Charges

Prices displayed in advertisements usually include only the basics. What’s good about this is that it includes your accommodation, onboard entertainment, meals, as well as several basic facilities. However, those who would like to take part in special entertainments as well as massages and spas will pay additional fees.

Aside from that, even though the package will include main meals, it will not include snacks, alcoholic drinks, sodas, and other things that can balloon up to a big amount. There are those who can forego these things, but oftentimes, people don’t want to do that. A cruise, after all, is a chance to indulge oneself.

Taxes, port fees, and other charges are usually not included in the basic package. Some countries mandate that advertisers should include these amounts in the price that they display or at least let people know that the price they display do not include these additional charges. However, there are still lots of loopholes.

Taxes and port fees can cause additional payment of hundred dollars. The more docks the ship makes, the more fees travelers would have to pay. These fees are for infrastructure maintenance as well as other needs. Cruise lines will usually pass these on to the customers since they are concerned about making a profit.

Aside from these fees, you might need to pay for air transportation fees. There are times when these are included in the package, and there are times when these are not. Make sure to read the fine print while checking out the package you want to get.

Insurances are also some things that travelers might want to get. If you’re not sure that you can make it on the cruise, then it’s a good thing to get cancellation insurance.

Knowing how to budget cruises is essential. Make sure to have extra money in order to avoid complications. After all, a cruise an experience that is meant to be enjoyed.

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